Event Coordinator

Lincoln, NE, USA

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Indian Center Inc. has an opening for a community member that enjoys working in a respectful manner with elders, community activists, and Native tribes as an event coordinator. No previous experience is required, but a passion to help the Native community is highly desired. This is a part-time position (10-20 hours/week) with a starting wage of $12/hour. This position will require both on sight community interaction and remote responsibilities.


1. The employee will be responsible for meeting with community members to schedule events at the Indian Center. Once the initial meeting has occurred the individual will  collect the deposit and appropriate rental fee in accordance with the rental agreement. which will  need to be signed by the event leader. The fee and deposit must be collected no later than the day of the  event, and prior to that date would be preferred. Dates can only be reserved after a deposit has been made. Once the deposit is made  the employee will enter the event leader’s name and number on the Indian Center calendar. A  rental key will then be provided to the event leader only, and will need to be returned immediately after the  event has concluded. If the rental key is not returned for any reason, the employee will  immediately notify a Board Member and the deposit will not be returned to the event leader. 

*In accordance with the rental agreement; wakes, funerals, and memorials take       precedence over any other event. Rescheduling will be required for events that occur     when these ceremonies have to take place. Ceremonial events are exempt from rental     fees but still require the appropriate deposit.  

2. Once an event has concluded, the event coordinator will be expected to conduct a detailed  review of all spaces used by the event group at the  Center. Clear expectations for  cleaning, trash removal, floors and furniture have been laid out in the rental agreement and other materials  provided. If The Center is not returned to the expected condition then the employee will need  to inform the event leader that the deposit will not be returned until the Center is properly  maintained. If that fails to occur prior to the next event the deposit will be forfeited. 

3. Deposits for events will need to be made in cash or check. These will be held at The Center  until the event has concluded and will be returned to the event leader once inspection has  taken place, expectations have been met, and rental key returned. Rental fees must be paid separately and  will need to be  given to the employee’s supervisor once payment has been made.  

About the Company

The Indian Center is a non-profit 501C serving the Native Community in Lincoln and Lancaster county for more than fifty years.

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